The Life of George Orwell

The Life of George OrwellIn 20th century, there are many literary works. Even, this era becomes one of the important era of literature. There are many great authors made impressive work at that era. Many famous authors were found and they were still famous up to now. Their works are complicated and sophisticated, but they are great works since those works reflect the condition of society and politic at that time. There were many books of novels, proses, plays, and poems. Many authors were famous for their work and George Orwell is one of them. This author was so famous for his works about Stalin and Soviet Union. He delivered criticism toward the political condition, especially about colonialism, imperialism and totalitarian brought by some famous leaders at that time. Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four are two famous works of George Orwell and they were still studied and discussed up to now.

Factually, George Orwell is not his real name, He was born in 25 June 1903 as Eric Arthur Blair. This is his real name. However, he thought that E.A. Arthur was not a good name of author and he thought that it was not suitable as writer. That is why he made some pseudonym. There are many pseudonyms, and George Orwell was the chosen name. This judi bola name was taken from name of patriotic figure St. George and name of River Orwell. These two name was taken and combined to be the name of famous author. About his life, he could be called as the one with unfortunate life. After he finished his study, he decided to work as part of Indian Imperial Police Force and he was placed in Burma. In there, he started to feel the suffering and the effects of colonialism and imperialism. Then, because of fatal decease, he decided to returned to England. It was the time when he started to think about being an author.

When he started his career as a writer, he felt hardship. He found that being a writer was not always full of fortune. He had to live in such a quite bad condition. Moreover, when he started to be a writer and there had been some of his works, he got spied by some parties, and he became watched man. The other hardship was when he was going to publish his work, Animal Farm. Later, this became one of the best works of him and this brought him brighter life, but he had to face problems before he gained the better life. This work was a criticism toward Stalin and it was delivered in allegorical way. Most of the publishers refused to publish this work. Even, publisher that had ever worked with him refused it and he come to the point when he wanted to publish it by himself. However, a small press accepted it and it began to bring better life, and many publishers regretted for refusing his work.

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