Some Information about George Orwell

Some Information about George OrwellThere are many famous authors in 20th century. This era becomes the era where there are many authors and books showing criticism toward the social issues and condition of society. There are many great authors that are still remembered up to now. Even, some of their works becomes so important to reflect the condition at that time. Their works are not learned only in literature class, but most of the class, including history, have their famous works. Among those authors, George Orwell is one of them. This author was so famous and he is still so popular up to now. His works was really interesting and those played important roles. There are many discussions about his works up to now. ôAnimal Farmö and ôNineteen Eighty-Fourö are two famous works of this author.

George Orwell is one of the famous writers who had to face unluckily life. He was one of the dedicated writers who had a big dream of becoming a good and famous writer. However, his life was not as lucky as what he would expect. He had to face hardships and difficulties in life. At his early career as writer or author, even he had to live in a low financial condition. However, this did not make him stop in being a great writer. He had an interesting ways of writing judi bola and it can be seen in those two famous works of him. He wrote many things about his compassion and his criticism toward the government, especially in Soviet Union when there was Stalin as a leader. The Animal Farm successfully attract peopleÆ attention and this made people aware of what he felt and wrote in his work.

About the name, actually George Orwell is not his real name. This is pseudonym and his real name was Eric Arthur Blair. Actually he provided the publisher with some options of pseudonyms, but the George Orwell was chosen. This pseudonym was from the name of St. George who was seen as a real patriotic person for him and the second name was taken from the name of river, River Orwell. Right after he finished his study, he decided to be civil servant as what his father did. He chose to be placed in Burma as part of the British Imperial Police Force. Then, he returned to England when he got severe health condition. He got breakbone fever and this made him decided to stop his career and turn his focus on becoming a writer.

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