Inspiring Life of George Orwell

Inspiring Life of George OrwellThere is George Orwell as one of the famous writers in 20th century. This era becomes one of the great era of literary works. At this era, there were many social conditions that trigger many writers to write books to tell the story and delivers criticism and their ideas about the condition. In this case, George Orwell is one of those authors. He did not write novels about love. He wrote something about the political condition and this made him so famous. However, he did not get easy life. There were long story until he got better life with better financial condition. So, when there are people think that authors and writers have good life, it is not fully true. There were also great authors who had to start their life from hardship and George Orwell is one of them.

About his name, actually George Orwell is not a real name. This is just his pseudonym or pen name used by hm. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair and actually this name is less popular than this pen name. Even, some of readers of his works still think that George Orwell is his real name. Maybe he will not also regret for this since he chose the pen name since he thought that his name was not good enough to be author. However, it is not the main reasons. His main reason of choosing pen name instead of using his real agen sbobet terpercaya name because he did not want to make his parents embarrassed because of his works. He did not want them to suffer just because of things that he wrote. He thought this way since he may feel that his works is not good enough. In fact, his works are great and these made his famous up to now.

It is true that this writer did not get easy life. This can be such inspiring life to see. He did not get good life with good financial condition. This made him could not continue his study to the university. Actually, based on his brain and knowledge, he was more than suitable enough to be university students. Unluckily, his family’s financial condition did not allow him to continue to the higher level of education. That is why he later joined British Imperial Police Force and worked in Burma. He even joined in the Spanish Civil War that made him suffer severe health problems. At early part of his career as writer, he also found that it was not easy to be author. However, things started to change when he started to write Animal Farm. His success continued when he wrote 1984.

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