Great Works and Life of George Orwell

People know George Orwell. This is great name in 20th century, especially when it is literary works. This name becomes so famous and he even still so famous up to now. There are Animal Farm and 1984 that made his name so famous. He actually wrote many books and literary works, but these are seen after those phenomenal works published. Animal Farm was published first. This work was so attractive. About the content, it is about political theme, specifically about Stalin and his Soviet version. People might think that Stalin was the great leader of Socialist country called Soviet at that time. However, George Orwell thought differently. He was big fans of socialism, so he knew what he wrote. He thought that Soviet was not a socialist country. It was totalitarian country under the power of Stalin.

In Animal Farm, he wrote with unique way. He did not wrote in most of the writers wrote his ideas and criticism. He wrote in the allegorical way. As its title of the books, he wrote about two animal found in farm. Two pigs become the main character and one of them represents Stalin. He wrote this story interestingly and this made many readers entertained. They were also enlightened because of his work. That is why this becomes so famous. The same cases also happened on 1984. This is written after the agen bola Animal Farm. The topic is still similar. It is about political condition at that time. He underlined the life of people in the totalitarian country where they were watched and had no freedom. He described things as being watched by interactive television. This is so interesting to read since he described things clearly and readers could really understand the messages that he wanted to deliver. People then could be aware of the condition and even create such a great responses.

George Orwell was so famous for his works. However, it does not mean that he had easy life in his whole lifespan. He started his life with quite bad starting point since he was smart enough, but he could not continue his study to university because of his family’s financial condition. The same case also happened when he decided to be a writer. He thought that it could make condition better, but it was not running as what he expected. He chose a pen name since his real name is Eric Arthur Blair. Even, his great book, Animal Farm, was rejected by most of the publishers, including the publisher that had worked with him for several times. However, things changed after this masterpiece is published. He got popular and his life got better. It got much better after 1984 was also published. The things made him so famous up to now.

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