George Orwell and His Great Life

George Orwell and His Great LifeMany people, especially book lovers, must have known George Orwell. This is a great name is the world of literary work. This name has become so famous because of two phenomenal works, Animal Farm and 1984. This works are so popular. However, it is not their popularity that makes the author so famous up to now. it is more about the content that he wrote. He wrote about political condition at that time, especially about totalitarian and socialist states, specifically about Soviet. He made readers understand and get knowledge about the life in Soviet at that time. These are great works and this is still read and analyze up to now. of course, it is also interesting to know his life. It will be incomplete when people know the works, but they do not have enough knowledge and information about the one behind the gun.

People know George Orwell as the author of Animal Farm and 1984. In fact, George Orwell is not a real name. This is just a pen name or usually called as pseudonym. He did not use his real name because he thought that his name was not good enough to be an author. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair. He was born with this name, although most people did not know it. Even, readers of his book may not fully know his real name since he used the pen name since his first literary work. In this case, only some of people at that time knew the real name behind George Orwell. He decided to hide his real name since he did not want to make his family, especially parents, got embarrassed because of the literary works that he wrote. in fact, later, he might regret since he got a great name and become a phenomenal authors of 20th century, even up to now.

Some people may think that being author will have great life. Moreover, it is George Orwell who got his phenomenal works. He also thought that way when he decided to be writer. He started his life with unfortunate life, that is why he wanted to be a better person in his future. He did not have good life and this made him not able to continue his study. He stopped in agen poker high school level and he could not go to the university. This was bad for him since he was smart and above average students when it comes to the knowledge and brain. However, his life was in his side. He did not continue his study. When he became writer, he must also start things with hardship. Even, his great book, Animal Farm, was rejected by many publishers when it is going to be published. He almost gave up and luckily there was press media that wanted to publish. When it was published, things changed. Many publishers regretted and he got better life. He became famous and he got better financial condition.

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