George Orwell and His Effort of Being Author

George Orwell and His Effort of Being Author

There are many literary works. Proses, poems, and novels are some famous literary works and these types are so popular. There are also essays as the other works. Talking about literary works, 20th century becomes one of the important era of the literary works. There are many great works made in this era. These are not only about theme of love and relationship. Even, there are many great works as the form of criticism. The authors or writers deliver their opinions and criticism in the form of prose, novels, essays, and poems. These topics are the reasons why the works are still famous up to now and they still become such a great discussion and references to see the current condition. Among those authors, there is George Orwell. He was one of the best and famous writer in 20th century. His writings has great impacts on society, even up to now.

About his name, maybe some people think that George Orwell is his real name. However, it is not true. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair. However, he thought that this name was not good and not suitable enough to be used as a name of judi online author. That is why he made some options of pseudonyms. There are many of them given to the publisher, and George Orwell the chosen name. This name came from two name. The first one is George. George was taken from St. George who was seen as patriotic figure for this famous author. Then, the second name is Orwell. This is not name of person, but it is name of a river, River Orwell. After this name was chosen, people know him as George Orwell, not Eric Arthur Blair although some of his close friends and relatives knew this.

He had many works, and the famous works are Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. These two famous works have big impacts on society since these two works are reflection of the politic condition at that time. About his work of Animal Farm, he did not think that this will become a famous work of him. Even, he found many difficulties in publishing the books. This book was actually about Stalin, the leader of Soviet Union at that time. Orwell made some criticisms about Stalin in allegorical way by using animals found in farm. There were many publishers refusing his work. There was even refusal from Ministry of Information when actually the publisher was ready to publish. Later on, it was found that the one from the ministry who refused was spy of Soviet. Because of there were many publishers refused to publish his work, he even thought that he would publish it by himself. However, small publisher of Fredric Warburg accepted his work. Right after its publication, many people accepted and this became one of the best-selling books and this made the publishers refusing him regret.

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