Five Books that Were Written by George Orwell

Five Books that Were Written by George Orwell

George Orwell is famous because of its novel, Animal Farm that was released in 1945. Many people do not know that this novel was his fourth novel. Before the Animal Farm, there are three other novels that were written by George Orwell. The first novel from Orwell was written around 1933. This novel is titled Down and Out in Paris and London. George Orwell wrote this novel based on his own experience, showing the world about the cruelty of life on the European region, especially in London and Paris. That is because hunger, poverty, and homeless are problems that are faced in those places around that time.

The second one is Keep the Aspidistra Flying. This novel was published in 1936, only few years after the first novel was published. This novel can be considered as the first novel from Orwell that tells you about the life in England. That can be simply seen from the overall story of this judi bola novel about a man who fights the capitalism in England. The third novel from Orwell was published in 1938. This novel was written also based on the experience of Orwell. However, this novel is quite unique because this novel comes from the Civil War story in Spain, in which Orwell was also involved in it. Yes, Orwell was fighting on the Civil War and he was lucky enough to survive even though a bullet strikes his throat.

The next novel from Orwell is Animal farm, which become a great hit. This novel is considered as an allegory because this novel is used to criticize the political condition that time. That is because during the war between America and Russia, the Soviet Union comes as a socialist, but that is not fully true. Even though this novel is a big hit in the modern days, the novel is not as great as it is in the old times. The last novel from George Orwell is 1984. This novel is something that many people are waiting for because of the huge succession of Animal Farm. That is why this novel was also a big hit from George Orwell. For your information, this novel is also another novel that criticizes the politics life around that time. However, this time it is about the totalitarian regime that he experienced. This novel from Orwell is also the last novel that he wrote because he passed away in 1950.

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