Animal Farm as the Best Masterpiece of George Orwell

Animal Farm as the Best Masterpiece of George OrwellIn the world of literary, the name of George Orwell is considered as one of the most famous writers. That is because one of his work is being used as one material to be studied in term of literature in many countries all over the world. The best masterpiece that is used is Animal Farm. This book was written around 1945 by himself after experiencing the bad political condition around that time. That is because around that time, the Soviet Union was trying to be a socialist on the Cold War between America and Russia. However, Orwell did not think about the same thing. Because of that experience, Orwell finally writes this novel entitled Animal Farm.

This novel from Orwell tells you about two pigs that finally are the main characters of this novel. Their names are Napoleon and Snowball. Both of them are living on a farm with many other animals there. The story begins when one of their friends, the Old Mayor died soon after telling them the revolutionary idea of getting the equality. The equality on this case is the equality between them, the animals, and the farmer. Standing for that idea, they are supported by all of the animals on the farm to get rid of the farmer who have raised them until that time. The problem comes when the time of greed comes to Napoleon. He wants more power so that he kicks Snowball out of the farm and make his own regime. Unfortunately, the regime is all about the totalitarian on the farm. Even though he made a motto saying that all of the animals are equal, there is another description on the motto saying that some of them are more equal than the others are.

This novel was becoming a big hit since there are not many novels that were talking about politics. Even though the politics are at its worst at that time, there are not many writers who were writing about politics at all. However, on the other hand, Orwell was writing an allegory about the current condition that he was experiencing at that time. Lucky, because of that decision, Animal Farm is becoming one of the biggest hit in the world of literary. In fact, until this time, many countries all over the world are still using his greatest masterpiece as one material to be researched for many different reasons.

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