The Best Books of George Orwell

The Best Books of George OrwellGeorge Orwell, who was born as Eric Arthur Blair on 25 June 1903, has been known so well as one of the most influential writers in the world. He had been an excellent journalist and novelist that expressed his thoughts in the straight and bold way. He even hated any persecutions and showed his support to the social democratic instead. All of them can be proven when you read his books which you can figure out below.

Well, one of the best books that George Orwell had ever made is Down and Out in Paris and London which was released in 1933. This particular book will definitely tell you the clear description of two big metropolis cities in the Europe, Paris and London. In the other words, Orwell actually tried to share his experiences when he had to face hunger, neglected existence, bad conditions of being homeless and living on the streets, and so on. So then, it is so obvious that he wanted you to realize that injustice situation happened at the time, even there are many people died because of starving. Thus, it can really trigger the readers to punch the gut.

Then, the other best book of George Orwell that you cannot miss at all is Animal Farm that was launched on 17 August 1945. This specific book has been known as an allegory bandar bola novel of Stalinism and the totalitarian system in the Soviet Union. In the simple words, as a social democratic supporter, he really believed that Soviet Union was never a proper social country for its people. Otherwise, it would only persecute their independent thinking and individualism. All of the essential figures of the regime had been portrayed so well by two pigs called Napoleon and Snowball. They want to make a revolution in the farm they live, but one of them tries to be more powerful than the others.

George Orwell and His Great Life

George Orwell and His Great LifeMany people, especially book lovers, must have known George Orwell. This is a great name is the world of literary work. This name has become so famous because of two phenomenal works, Animal Farm and 1984. This works are so popular. However, it is not their popularity that makes the author so famous up to now. it is more about the content that he wrote. He wrote about political condition at that time, especially about totalitarian and socialist states, specifically about Soviet. He made readers understand and get knowledge about the life in Soviet at that time. These are great works and this is still read and analyze up to now. of course, it is also interesting to know his life. It will be incomplete when people know the works, but they do not have enough knowledge and information about the one behind the gun.

People know George Orwell as the author of Animal Farm and 1984. In fact, George Orwell is not a real name. This is just a pen name or usually called as pseudonym. He did not use his real name because he thought that his name was not good enough to be an author. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair. He was born with this name, although most people did not know it. Even, readers of his book may not fully know his real name since he used the pen name since his first literary work. In this case, only some of people at that time knew the real name behind George Orwell. He decided to hide his real name since he did not want to make his family, especially parents, got embarrassed because of the literary works that he wrote. in fact, later, he might regret since he got a great name and become a phenomenal authors of 20th century, even up to now.

Some people may think that being author will have great life. Moreover, it is George Orwell who got his phenomenal works. He also thought that way when he decided to be writer. He started his life with unfortunate life, that is why he wanted to be a better person in his future. He did not have good life and this made him not able to continue his study. He stopped in agen poker high school level and he could not go to the university. This was bad for him since he was smart and above average students when it comes to the knowledge and brain. However, his life was in his side. He did not continue his study. When he became writer, he must also start things with hardship. Even, his great book, Animal Farm, was rejected by many publishers when it is going to be published. He almost gave up and luckily there was press media that wanted to publish. When it was published, things changed. Many publishers regretted and he got better life. He became famous and he got better financial condition.

George Orwell and His Effort of Being Author

George Orwell and His Effort of Being AuthorThere are many literary works. Proses, poems, and novels are some famous literary works and these types are so popular. There are also essays as the other works. Talking about literary works, 20th century becomes one of the important era of the literary works. There are many great works made in this era. These are not only about theme of love and relationship. Even, there are many great works as the form of criticism. The authors or writers deliver their opinions and criticism in the form of prose, novels, essays, and poems. These topics are the reasons why the works are still famous up to now and they still become such a great discussion and references to see the current condition. Among those authors, there is George Orwell. He was one of the best and famous writer in 20th century. His writings has great impacts on society, even up to now.

About his name, maybe some people think that George Orwell is his real name. However, it is not true. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair. However, he thought that this name was not good and not suitable enough to be used as a name of author. That is why he made some options of pseudonyms. There are many of them given to the publisher, and George Orwell the chosen name. This name came from two name. The first one is George. George was taken from St. George who was seen as patriotic figure for this famous author. Then, the second name is Orwell. This is not name of person, but it is name of a river, River Orwell. After this name was chosen, people know him as George Orwell, not Eric Arthur Blair although some of his close friends and relatives knew this.

He had many works, and the famous works are Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. These two famous works have big impacts on society since these two works are reflection of the politic condition at that time. About his work of Animal Farm, he did not think that this will become a famous work of him. Even, he found many difficulties in publishing the books. This book was actually about Stalin, the leader of Soviet Union at that time. Orwell made some criticisms about Stalin in allegorical way by using animals found in farm. There were many publishers refusing his work. There was even refusal from Ministry of Information when actually the publisher was ready to publish. Later on, it was found that the one from the ministry who refused was spy of Soviet. Because of there were poker online many publishers refused to publish his work, he even thought that he would publish it by himself. However, small publisher of Fredric Warburg accepted his work. Right after its publication, many people accepted and this became one of the best-selling books and this made the publishers refusing him regret.

Inspiring Life of George Orwell

Inspiring Life of George OrwellThere is George Orwell as one of the famous writers in 20th century. This era becomes one of the great era of literary works. At this era, there were many social conditions that trigger many writers to write books to tell the story and delivers criticism and their ideas about the condition. In this case, George Orwell is one of those authors. He did not write novels about love. He wrote something about the political condition and this made him so famous. However, he did not get easy life. There were long story until he got better life with better financial condition. So, when there are people think that authors and writers have good life, it is not fully true. There were also great authors who had to start their life from hardship and George Orwell is one of them.

About his name, actually George Orwell is not a real name. This is just his pseudonym or pen name used by hm. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair and actually this name is less popular than this pen name. Even, some of readers of his works still think that George Orwell is his real name. Maybe he will not also regret for this since he chose the pen name since he thought that his name was not good enough to be author. However, it is not the main reasons. His main reason of choosing pen name instead of using his real agen sbobet terpercaya name because he did not want to make his parents embarrassed because of his works. He did not want them to suffer just because of things that he wrote. He thought this way since he may feel that his works is not good enough. In fact, his works are great and these made his famous up to now.

It is true that this writer did not get easy life. This can be such inspiring life to see. He did not get good life with good financial condition. This made him could not continue his study to the university. Actually, based on his brain and knowledge, he was more than suitable enough to be university students. Unluckily, his family’s financial condition did not allow him to continue to the higher level of education. That is why he later joined British Imperial Police Force and worked in Burma. He even joined in the Spanish Civil War that made him suffer severe health problems. At early part of his career as writer, he also found that it was not easy to be author. However, things started to change when he started to write Animal Farm. His success continued when he wrote 1984.

Great Works and Life of George Orwell

People know George Orwell. This is great name in 20th century, especially when it is literary works. This name becomes so famous and he even still so famous up to now. There are Animal Farm and 1984 that made his name so famous. He actually wrote many books and literary works, but these are seen after those phenomenal works published. Animal Farm was published first. This work was so attractive. About the content, it is about political theme, specifically about Stalin and his Soviet version. People might think that Stalin was the great leader of Socialist country called Soviet at that time. However, George Orwell thought differently. He was big fans of socialism, so he knew what he wrote. He thought that Soviet was not a socialist country. It was totalitarian country under the power of Stalin.

In Animal Farm, he wrote with unique way. He did not wrote in most of the writers wrote his ideas and criticism. He wrote in the allegorical way. As its title of the books, he wrote about two animal found in farm. Two pigs become the main character and one of them represents Stalin. He wrote this story interestingly and this made many readers entertained. They were also enlightened because of his work. That is why this becomes so famous. The same cases also happened on 1984. This is written after the agen bola Animal Farm. The topic is still similar. It is about political condition at that time. He underlined the life of people in the totalitarian country where they were watched and had no freedom. He described things as being watched by interactive television. This is so interesting to read since he described things clearly and readers could really understand the messages that he wanted to deliver. People then could be aware of the condition and even create such a great responses.

George Orwell was so famous for his works. However, it does not mean that he had easy life in his whole lifespan. He started his life with quite bad starting point since he was smart enough, but he could not continue his study to university because of his family’s financial condition. The same case also happened when he decided to be a writer. He thought that it could make condition better, but it was not running as what he expected. He chose a pen name since his real name is Eric Arthur Blair. Even, his great book, Animal Farm, was rejected by most of the publishers, including the publisher that had worked with him for several times. However, things changed after this masterpiece is published. He got popular and his life got better. It got much better after 1984 was also published. The things made him so famous up to now.