George Orwell and His Effort of Being Author

George Orwell and His Effort of Being Author

There are many literary works. Proses, poems, and novels are some famous literary works and these types are so popular. There are also essays as the other works. Talking about literary works, 20th century becomes one of the important era of the literary works. There are many great works made in this era. These are not only about theme of love and relationship. Even, there are many great works as the form of criticism. The authors or writers deliver their opinions and criticism in the form of prose, novels, essays, and poems. These topics are the reasons why the works are still famous up to now and they still become such a great discussion and references to see the current condition. Among those authors, there is George Orwell. He was one of the best and famous writer in 20th century. His writings has great impacts on society, even up to now.

About his name, maybe some people think that George Orwell is his real name. However, it is not true. His real name is Eric Arthur Blair. However, he thought that this name was not good and not suitable enough to be used as a name of judi online author. That is why he made some options of pseudonyms. There are many of them given to the publisher, and George Orwell the chosen name. This name came from two name. The first one is George. George was taken from St. George who was seen as patriotic figure for this famous author. Then, the second name is Orwell. This is not name of person, but it is name of a river, River Orwell. After this name was chosen, people know him as George Orwell, not Eric Arthur Blair although some of his close friends and relatives knew this.

He had many works, and the famous works are Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. These two famous works have big impacts on society since these two works are reflection of the politic condition at that time. About his work of Animal Farm, he did not think that this will become a famous work of him. Even, he found many difficulties in publishing the books. This book was actually about Stalin, the leader of Soviet Union at that time. Orwell made some criticisms about Stalin in allegorical way by using animals found in farm. There were many publishers refusing his work. There was even refusal from Ministry of Information when actually the publisher was ready to publish. Later on, it was found that the one from the ministry who refused was spy of Soviet. Because of there were many publishers refused to publish his work, he even thought that he would publish it by himself. However, small publisher of Fredric Warburg accepted his work. Right after its publication, many people accepted and this became one of the best-selling books and this made the publishers refusing him regret.

Some Information about George Orwell

Some Information about George OrwellThere are many famous authors in 20th century. This era becomes the era where there are many authors and books showing criticism toward the social issues and condition of society. There are many great authors that are still remembered up to now. Even, some of their works becomes so important to reflect the condition at that time. Their works are not learned only in literature class, but most of the class, including history, have their famous works. Among those authors, George Orwell is one of them. This author was so famous and he is still so popular up to now. His works was really interesting and those played important roles. There are many discussions about his works up to now. ôAnimal Farmö and ôNineteen Eighty-Fourö are two famous works of this author.

George Orwell is one of the famous writers who had to face unluckily life. He was one of the dedicated writers who had a big dream of becoming a good and famous writer. However, his life was not as lucky as what he would expect. He had to face hardships and difficulties in life. At his early career as writer or author, even he had to live in a low financial condition. However, this did not make him stop in being a great writer. He had an interesting ways of writing judi bola and it can be seen in those two famous works of him. He wrote many things about his compassion and his criticism toward the government, especially in Soviet Union when there was Stalin as a leader. The Animal Farm successfully attract peopleÆ attention and this made people aware of what he felt and wrote in his work.

About the name, actually George Orwell is not his real name. This is pseudonym and his real name was Eric Arthur Blair. Actually he provided the publisher with some options of pseudonyms, but the George Orwell was chosen. This pseudonym was from the name of St. George who was seen as a real patriotic person for him and the second name was taken from the name of river, River Orwell. Right after he finished his study, he decided to be civil servant as what his father did. He chose to be placed in Burma as part of the British Imperial Police Force. Then, he returned to England when he got severe health condition. He got breakbone fever and this made him decided to stop his career and turn his focus on becoming a writer.

The Life of George Orwell

The Life of George OrwellIn 20th century, there are many literary works. Even, this era becomes one of the important era of literature. There are many great authors made impressive work at that era. Many famous authors were found and they were still famous up to now. Their works are complicated and sophisticated, but they are great works since those works reflect the condition of society and politic at that time. There were many books of novels, proses, plays, and poems. Many authors were famous for their work and George Orwell is one of them. This author was so famous for his works about Stalin and Soviet Union. He delivered criticism toward the political condition, especially about colonialism, imperialism and totalitarian brought by some famous leaders at that time. Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four are two famous works of George Orwell and they were still studied and discussed up to now.

Factually, George Orwell is not his real name, He was born in 25 June 1903 as Eric Arthur Blair. This is his real name. However, he thought that E.A. Arthur was not a good name of author and he thought that it was not suitable as writer. That is why he made some pseudonym. There are many pseudonyms, and George Orwell was the chosen name. This judi bola name was taken from name of patriotic figure St. George and name of River Orwell. These two name was taken and combined to be the name of famous author. About his life, he could be called as the one with unfortunate life. After he finished his study, he decided to work as part of Indian Imperial Police Force and he was placed in Burma. In there, he started to feel the suffering and the effects of colonialism and imperialism. Then, because of fatal decease, he decided to returned to England. It was the time when he started to think about being an author.

When he started his career as a writer, he felt hardship. He found that being a writer was not always full of fortune. He had to live in such a quite bad condition. Moreover, when he started to be a writer and there had been some of his works, he got spied by some parties, and he became watched man. The other hardship was when he was going to publish his work, Animal Farm. Later, this became one of the best works of him and this brought him brighter life, but he had to face problems before he gained the better life. This work was a criticism toward Stalin and it was delivered in allegorical way. Most of the publishers refused to publish this work. Even, publisher that had ever worked with him refused it and he come to the point when he wanted to publish it by himself. However, a small press accepted it and it began to bring better life, and many publishers regretted for refusing his work.

Five Books that Were Written by George Orwell

Five Books that Were Written by George Orwell

George Orwell is famous because of its novel, Animal Farm that was released in 1945. Many people do not know that this novel was his fourth novel. Before the Animal Farm, there are three other novels that were written by George Orwell. The first novel from Orwell was written around 1933. This novel is titled Down and Out in Paris and London. George Orwell wrote this novel based on his own experience, showing the world about the cruelty of life on the European region, especially in London and Paris. That is because hunger, poverty, and homeless are problems that are faced in those places around that time.

The second one is Keep the Aspidistra Flying. This novel was published in 1936, only few years after the first novel was published. This novel can be considered as the first novel from Orwell that tells you about the life in England. That can be simply seen from the overall story of this judi bola novel about a man who fights the capitalism in England. The third novel from Orwell was published in 1938. This novel was written also based on the experience of Orwell. However, this novel is quite unique because this novel comes from the Civil War story in Spain, in which Orwell was also involved in it. Yes, Orwell was fighting on the Civil War and he was lucky enough to survive even though a bullet strikes his throat.

The next novel from Orwell is Animal farm, which become a great hit. This novel is considered as an allegory because this novel is used to criticize the political condition that time. That is because during the war between America and Russia, the Soviet Union comes as a socialist, but that is not fully true. Even though this novel is a big hit in the modern days, the novel is not as great as it is in the old times. The last novel from George Orwell is 1984. This novel is something that many people are waiting for because of the huge succession of Animal Farm. That is why this novel was also a big hit from George Orwell. For your information, this novel is also another novel that criticizes the politics life around that time. However, this time it is about the totalitarian regime that he experienced. This novel from Orwell is also the last novel that he wrote because he passed away in 1950.

Animal Farm as the Best Masterpiece of George Orwell

Animal Farm as the Best Masterpiece of George OrwellIn the world of literary, the name of George Orwell is considered as one of the most famous writers. That is because one of his work is being used as one material to be studied in term of literature in many countries all over the world. The best masterpiece that is used is Animal Farm. This book was written around 1945 by himself after experiencing the bad political condition around that time. That is because around that time, the Soviet Union was trying to be a socialist on the Cold War between America and Russia. However, Orwell did not think about the same thing. Because of that experience, Orwell finally writes this novel entitled Animal Farm.

This novel from Orwell tells you about two pigs that finally are the main characters of this novel. Their names are Napoleon and Snowball. Both of them are living on a farm with many other animals there. The story begins when one of their friends, the Old Mayor died soon after telling them the revolutionary idea of getting the equality. The equality on this case is the equality between them, the animals, and the farmer. Standing for that idea, they are supported by all of the animals on the farm to get rid of the farmer who have raised them until that time. The problem comes when the time of greed comes to Napoleon. He wants more power so that he kicks Snowball out of the farm and make his own regime. Unfortunately, the regime is all about the totalitarian on the farm. Even though he made a motto saying that all of the animals are equal, there is another description on the motto saying that some of them are more equal than the others are.

This novel was becoming a big hit since there are not many novels that were talking about politics. Even though the politics are at its worst at that time, there are not many writers who were writing about politics at all. However, on the other hand, Orwell was writing an allegory about the current condition that he was experiencing at that time. Lucky, because of that decision, Animal Farm is becoming one of the biggest hit in the world of literary. In fact, until this time, many countries all over the world are still using his greatest masterpiece as one material to be researched for many different reasons.